Hello there, and thanks for stopping by! You probably already know by now, but Wayne and I have decided to tie the knot after all these years, so in true 21st century style we have set up this blog to help our friends and family find out all they need to know about the big day.

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Sunday, 7 March 2010


For those interested in the schedule for the day I have listed a rough plan for how the day will progress - although I'm sure this will all go out of the window on the day!

  • 10.30am - Guests arrive at the Archbishops Palace
  • 10.40am - Wayne arrives
  • 10.50am - Shelley arrives
  • 11.00am - Ceremony begins
  • 11.30am - Photos around venue
  • 12.30pm - Day Guests depart to the Horseshoes
  • 1.00pm -   Meal begins
  • 4.30pm -   Day Guests depart to our house
  • 4.30pm -   Photos near Horseshoes (Wayne & Shelley only)
  • 5.30pm -   Evening Guests arrive
  • 6.00pm -   Band Begins
  • 8.00pm -  "Disco" begins
  • 12.00pm - Wayne & Shelley depart
  • 12.30pm - Everyone gets kicked out!!

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